Keys to Understand Revelation

The study of the Book of Revelation is a “seat belt fastening job” with “deep breath taking”. Please allow me to share with you some keys of how to study the Book of Revelation:

1- The Christ of Revelation
The central figure of Revelation is “Christ”. If we read Revelation just to unlock its mysteries as “The Beast with ten horns” and “The battle of Armageddon” we will miss its message. The Book of Revelation is the “Revelation of Jesus Christ” (Rev 1:1). Discovering Christ, the meaning of his death resurrection and His glory is the central message of the Revelation.

2- The Immanent Message of the Prophecy
The Book of Revelation is a prophetic book. However, reading the Book of Revelation just to know about the future is not a living experience. The prophecy in the Bible is not just for telling the future but for the edification of the church and the believers whenever they are in the history line. Discovering the immanent message of Revelation is the 2nd key.

3- Understanding the Figures and Colors
The Book of Revelation is a master piece of the spiritual art drawn by the Holy Spirit. Figures and colors are richly used as a background of the text. Looking only for the text without understanding the figures and colors is like seeing the outlines of a great portray without seeing its colors, lights and shade.

4- The Biblical Apocalyptic Background
The Book of Revelation uses what we call the apocalyptic biblical language. This language drives its roots in the Hebrew Scriptures. Reading the book of Revelation apart from the knowledge of its Hebrew roots is like reading a text of a language with knowing its Alphabetic. The Biblical Apocalyptic Background is the 4th Key.

5- The Good News in Revelation
“I am scared to read the Book of Revelation”, this is that we often hear from many. Some think the Book of Revelation is about the horror of the end of days, the destruction of heaven and earth. Please, be relax it is not so. The Book of Revelation is part of the New Testament, “the Good News”. Discovering the good news in the Book of Revelation is the 5th keys.

I hope by outlining these 5 keys, we will be on the right track to understand and get the most of Book of Revelation. So, please get ready for the take off. Fasten your seat belt.

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