Revelation of Jesus Christ: Biblical Commentary on the Book of Revelation – By Hegumen Fr Abraam Sleman

The Book of Revelation reveals the good news of God in Jesus Christ culminating all the other books of the Bible. Sadly, many think that it is a complicated and confusing book. Even the so-called scholars find little agreement among themselves over its visions. The church of God, specially in the West, are divided into sects and denominations according to their approach of understanding of this book.

It is “the Revelation of Jesus Christ” as the book itself claim in (Revelation 1:1). We should then study and understand the Book of Revelation for the right reason. If we study it just to solve the secret of the Beast, with its seven heads and ten horns, or to set out the scenario of the Battle of Armageddon, we shall go astray apart from its objective. However, being the “Revelation of Jesus Christ” (Revelation 1:1), the book is concerned with unavailing Jesus Christ. If we study it to reveal the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and God’s work in us through Him, we shall be served royally! So, Study the Book of Revelation for the right reason alone. [More..]

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