Revelation Fellowship Retreat


The Book of Revelation reveals the good news of God in Jesus Christ as a culmination of all the other books of the Bible. Rather than be distracted by solving the secret of the Beast, or setting out to explain the scenario of the Battle of Armageddon, we aim study it to reveal the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and God’s work in us through Him.

Rather than a chapter-by-chapter discussion, we hope to discuss the Book of Revelation through the following topics (tentative):
- The Millennium in the Orthodox Concept
- Armageddon, Close or Far?
- The Coming of the Lord Jesus in Revelation
- The New Jerusalem
- Revelation and Liturgy

The amenities at the retreat center are too many to list, so feel free to visit their website

Please confirm early, as seats are limited. The cost of the retreat will be $170 (flat rate, excludes transportation). For an application, or more information, feel free to contact Mary Sleman at Phone # (908)705-4067 E-Mail:

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