A Call to Help the Devastated Families in Dahshour

In several places in Egypt, the belief in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord can lead to severe hardship, as happened in the Kosheh, Naga Hammady, Imbaba, Almokattam, Amiriya in Alexandria and recently in Dahshour. The extremist and the thug delight of killing Christians, looting, burn their homes and destroying their stores, pharmacies and other places of work, leaving families without food, shelter or income.

In such places, a rumor or simple dispute between Christian and unchristian can lead to a disaster with all measures. In dark moments, a survival of such persecuted family may find himself or herself as widow, orphan or caregiver for disabled member or members of the family.

Such tragedies call for immediate actions of love. St Abraam Ministry responds by providing food, shelter, clothing, spiritual support and financial aid to Christians suffering the effects of persecution. The goals of St Abraam Ministry under the program,“Care of Persecuted Families in Egypt” :

  1. To provide financial assistance to the devastated persecuted families in order to relief the shock of the sudden crisis and help them to restore their houses, stores, pharmacies or their places of work.
  2. To provide financial assistance to meet with the urgent basic needs to live, such as food, shelter, clothing, etc. until the restoration of the financial status of the families.
  3. To provide a voice for believers who are suffering for their faith, to rally prayer, moral and spiritual support for them and supply some of their spiritual needs.

Fr. Abraam Selman

St Abraam Ministry

PO Box 6909 East Brunswick, NJ 08816


(732) 718-4129

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