Future Home of “St Mark Mission Center”

We are very thankful and overwhelmed with the goodness of God the Father, in our Lord Jesus’ name, for He is always taking St Mark’s Church to great heights in service. We are pleased to announce that as an extension of the church’s facilities and the new magnificent building of Emmanuel Center, God has granted the church to extend its territories across West Side Street with “St. Mark Mission Center”.

With God’s grace and the prayers of HH Pope Tawadros II, the future home of “St. Mark Mission Center” will be at the place of the building located 235 Ege Ave, Jersey City as well as the parking lot at 254-272 Kearny Ave, Jersey City, across the fire station. The selling price is $1,250,000. God willing, the closing date will be in less than 2 months.

The building of “St. Mark Mission Center” will be used as a venue for the expansion of the church and Emmanuel Center’s services. Its parking lot will serve as an extra measure of parking services to the congregation and the guests of the church and Emmanuel Center. May God bless everything be for the glory of God.

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Coptic Orthodox Church of St. Mark

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