When was the Book of Revelation Written – Dr. Eugenia Constantinou


Dr. Jeannie answers the Challenge that some make on whether the Book of Revelation was written during the reign of Emperor Domitian or Emperor Nero
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Understanding the False Teaching of the Rapture- Dr. Eugenia Constantinou


Dr. Jeannie responds to questions and comments concerning the past lessons on the Rapture. She also takes a close look at the verses in Thessalonians which are often cited to support this heretical, modern teaching. For Orthodox Christians in North America, this is a must-listen podcast!

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The Place of Revelation in the New Testament Canon – Dr. Eugenia Constantinou


The book of Revelation had a bumpy road towards acceptance into the canon of the New Testatment, especially in the East. The Apostle John is credited as the author of the Book of Revelation, and his authorship is confirmed through multiple witnesses in the early church. But despite undisputed Apostolic authorship, Revelation encountered opposition over the centuries because it had been used by several heretical groups, like the Montanists, to back up their views. Over time, Revelation came to be associated with heretical views or views that caused schisms, and attracted some very famous opponents who sought to discredit the book. In this podcast, Pres. Jeannie discusses the controversy surrounding the book as scripture.

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The Historical Context of Revelation – Part 1 – Dr. Eugenia Constantinou


Dr. Eugenia Constantinou discusses the historical context in which the book of Revelation was written. The patristic and Orthodox tradition is to always read a book within its historical context – listen along to learn who wrote Revelation and the how sufferings of Christians within the Roman Empire compelled its writing.

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What is Apocalyptic Literature? – Dr. Eugenia Constantinou


Dr. Eugenia Constantinou explains the basic attitude of Orthodox Christianity toward making predictions about the end times, why we must first understand that Revelation is apocalyptic literature, what characterizes apocalyptic literature and how to understand it.

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An Orthodox Introduction to the Apocalypse – Dr. Eugenia Constantinou


Dr. Eugenia Constantinou explains her background, her involvement in the study of Revelation, and basic information about her area of specialization – Andrew of Caesarea, the Church father whose commentary on Revelation is the oldest surviving commentary on the Apocalypse. She explains what topics will be discussed in the course of this series.
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The Rapture – An Invention of Man – Dr. Eugenia Constantinou


Dr. Jeannie discusses the Book of Revelation in Orthodox tradition by tackling a timely topic – The Rapture. This belief, near and dear to the hearts of millions of Evangelicals, is actually not based on any teaching found in the Book of Revelation. In fact, the whole idea of the Rapture is around 100 years old, and sprang the fevered imagination of just one person. This doctrine was never taught by the Apostles or the early church. It is a purely modern invention. In this podast, Pres. Jeannie discusses the origin of this teaching, and the truth as expressed in Orthodox teaching

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